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Studio Articulate

Studio Articulate is a graphic design studio. Studio Articulate started out as an atelier for branding design but has since developed a broad portfolio of projects, including comic drawing and collage-style artwork, and encapsulates a decade of branding design and illustrating experience. From the ambience of a festival to the story in a children’s book: the focus of each project is always precision in expression.

About me

“Hi, I am Renée van Kemenade: designer by passion and profession and the face behind Studio Articulate. I started Studio Articulate after many years on all sorts of event branding committees – a time during which I discovered my love for persuasive artforms. Aside from this, my experience has made me very aware of the importance of good planning and making sure that deadlines are met. In the end though, I do what I do because I intrinsically find it important. I don't just want it to be amazing – I want to fight for it.”

Let's collaborate!

So you need a graphic designer? After contacting Studio Articulate, we will plan an intake to first of all get to know each other a bit better and thereby get a grip on what product and service you are looking for. This could be anything small from a logo design to something as large as a full graphic design package for a festival. If desirable, Studio Articulate can also provide advice on getting deliverables in the right place at the right time and help in setting up an effective strategy – i.e.: going for the right kind of deliverables.

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